Sonntag, 20. Juli 2014
Stationen auf dem Weg zur Freiheit

Nicht in der Flucht der Gedanken, allein in der Tat ist die Freiheit.
- Dietrich Bonhoeffer, 1944 -

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Mittwoch, 26. Februar 2014
The Awful Truth

One day, whether you
are 14,
or 65

you will stumble upon
someone who will start
a fire in you that cannot die.

However, the saddest,
most awful truth
you will ever come to find––

is they are not always
with whom we spend our lives.

- Beau Taplin: The Awful Truth (Hunting Season) -

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Mittwoch, 4. September 2013
Quote of the Night
The spiders have won

- George Barnett -

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Samstag, 17. November 2012
We will never know

Maybe in our wildest moments
We could be the greatest, we could be the greatest
Maybe in our wildest moments
We could be the worst of all

- Jessie Ware: Wildest Moments -

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Donnerstag, 1. November 2012
November has come

Something has started today
Where did it go?
What do you want me to say?
Well you know, November has come
When it's gone away

- Gorillaz: November has come -

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Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2012
Our Hell

We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell ...
- aus: Think of England -

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Samstag, 15. September 2012
The meaning of trees
Trees are also a spiritual metaphor. Genesis talks about the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. God tells Adam and Eve they can eat of any tree in the garden, including the Tree of Life, but not the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Trees figure into the myths of many other cultures, including the world tree of Norse mythology, the sacred oaks of the Druids, the Kabalistic tree of mystical Judaism, and Buddha's Bodhi tree.

- Linda Seger: Writing subtext. What lies beneath -

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Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012
Zu guter Letzt

Eine Freundin kannst du haben, wenn du selbst eine bist.
- Verfasserin unbekannt -

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Dienstag, 12. Juni 2012
Der Sog in die richtige Richtung

Let yourself be silently drawn
by the strange pull of what you really love.
It will not lead you astray.

- Rumi -

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Dienstag, 8. Mai 2012
Mein Herz schlägt in seinem Käfig

Well I don't feel better when I'm fucking around
And I don't write better when I'm stuck in the ground,
So don't teach me a lesson 'cause I've already learned.
Yeah, the sun will be shining and my children will burn.

- The Strokes: Heart in a Cage -

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